Friday, June 29, 2007

Birthday pictures

The much awaited bday pics came last night...just a few cutie shots~

birthday kiss

Yummy birthday kisses~

snowcone concoction

Gracie makes her own snowcone

carousel cake Gracie birthday 2007 015

Irresistible carousel cake. This photo doesn't capture the finger side of the cake. Gracie 'bout had her fill of icing before we even cut the cake. :o)

Tasty Yummy

Yum...cotton candy. Is this blueberry? Raspberry? No wait, it's watermelon or maybe strawberry? Eight flavors were served up by SnoBiz...they set it up, serve it up & clean it up! That's my kind of cotton candy machine.

Bubble play

Caitlyn's enjoying the bubbles after searching for treasures in the hay stack.

Grace & Auntie EmGracie birthday 2007 026

Sweet Grace and Auntie Em. Uncle Randy's turning blue. Is that from a snowcone or cotton candy?

Gracie birthday 2007 008

My friend, Kim, Shortycake Cookie maker/baker. Aren't these carousel horses sweet??

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Anonymous said...

Cool pics. I've got such a taste for cotton candy now. HAW! Looks like Gracie was well celebrated.

Randy Beal said...

cute pics! gotta love gracie birthday parties.see you guys tomorrow.

KrissyK said...

Incredible Edible Cake!

What a Delicious Birthday for Sweet Gracie!

See ya at the flags!

K and Co.

Carol said...

Nice pictures, Carmen. Looks like everyone had a good time. Hope you're having a happy 4th of July today!