Monday, July 09, 2007

Tagged again.... ok, Jen tagged me again to spill 10 random facts about myself. Here's goes....
  1. I am one of three, middle child to older brother by 9 years & sister1 year younger
  2. My name means garden of God in Hebrew & song in Spanish. Originally to be named Tamara by my mother, my dad won out with Carmen after a popular song of the same name by Marty Robbins.
  3. I played volleyball in jr high & high school (pre-Christian school transfer). I also played for the US Army Vilseck/Graf team....though not much good, but had great fun & great exercise.
  4. I love ice cream...can make my own. You name it, I'll make it...if I don't have a recipe, I'll make up my own...right, Randy? This is where you should applaud my butter pecan ice cream in a comment or post on your own blog, eh? Perhaps I'll make you some!~
  5. I have been a prison penpal for the last 7 years.
  6. I can speak a bit of spanish and more German...spanish in my work at least 2X per week and German, I am learning more everyday & trying to teach Grace. There are some things she knows only in German...
  7. I was the coordinator for Scholastic Book Clubs in my college "Teaching Reading" courses, as well as 7 years I was director at Discovery Learning Center...thus amassing several hundred children's books. I plan to volunteer to coordinate the book orders at Gracie's preschool in September.
  8. I dream of owning/running a children's book shop when I retire...where there is a daily story hour in which children can visit far away places via books & stories. Kind of like the Little Bookstore Around the Corner in You've Got Mail.
  9. When I was a Jr in high school or perhaps it was younger, I thought I wanted to be a speech pathologist. I long forgot that until a couple of months ago I found that Who's Who in whatever boo at mom's house...there it was, I was planning to major in speech pathology. They say the average college student changes their major 7 times...I only changed once but somehow forgot about the Speech Path thing... Now, I'm well on my way to the speech pathology degree, beginning my Master's in the Fall.
  10. I am recently addicted to Yahoo Answers...answering questions on child development. I love to share what I know with others~ If my contributions help a parent, calm a fear or lead to an appropriate diagnosis...I am happy.

No tags this are all safe :o) Have a good one!


Ms. Daoust said...

I can attest to the fact that Carmen makes some delicious butter pecan ice cream! Yum-yum!

Carol said...

Hi Carmen,

If we're ever out your way again, I would love to have some of your homemade icecream. Jen would especially love it too. She is the icecream addict of the family.

Karen Mester said...

Hi Carmen:

Loved reading the facts about you! Sounds like we both love to read! I keep a yearly list of all the books I read. I started doing this back in 1993. Sometimes if I run across a book that I'm not sure if I read it, I look in my book journal. but sometimes I like to read the book twice if it's really good. What is speech pathology? My husband's niece is majoring in speech...I think it's speech therapy where she works with people who have had strokes, etc. to help them learn to speak again. Is that similar to what you're doing? Would love to hear about it. You can e-mail me if you want.

Randy Beal said...

Ok you do make a delicious BP ice cream. Although I'm on the chinese herbs and ice cream is not allowed I may be tempted by some BP ice cream. Once our apartment is finished getting it's overhaul, we'll have you over. Love ya both!