Friday, June 08, 2007

Princess Play & Party Prep

everyday play 2 Here I sit in my jammies & lamby ears (evidence of a mom who plays) while Gracie dances around in her everyday princess/flapper attire. We've discovered more dress up fancies in a lovely tote tucked away from Christmas. Must try them all on at once.

Today is party preparation. Gracie's 3rd birthday is on Sunday. 50+ folks are coming to celebrate. What in the world was I thinking inviting all those people?? I love a party, though Gracie insists that just the two of us should come. "Remember all those people came to our house that one time? And we had a princess cake and I weared my princess dress?" Just the two of us.

We're at a park this year..that was the plan last year but it rained. So, we've booked the princess park with pavillion and potty privileges. This is a simply sweet party with a cotton candy & snow cone machine to send us into a sugar coma. I can't wait to get pictures of the's a carousel cake! My friend from Shorty Cake Cookies is making several carousel pony pops to adorn the top of the cake. We're making a maypole sort of carousel. Sure to be delightful!

Today's to do list:

  • clean house for folks coming over pre-party
  • clean up the cooler to tote all the ice for 100 snow cone, bottled water & punch
  • pick up paper grocery bags for our stick ponies
  • pick up the snow cone machine
  • pick up keys to the park restroom - potty privileges
  • buy misc food/drink stuff
  • purchase misc decorations/partyware stuff...more candy for haystack hunt
  • have fun with Grace at the water park - not sure why I promised a visit to the water park with everything going on, but......
  • complete 2 work related items....

You know I'm procrastinating when I take a moment to blog with a to do list that long....or perhaps this is helping me put things in order to move forward. :o) Plus, I just wanted to capture that princess play picture.

A few pics from our recent visit to the Meadow Fair last weekend with Nate, Steph & baby Emily. So much fun...pony rides, petting zoo, jump & slides, hayride, crafts, face painting, exotic animal show (hence, the alligator & non pictured python!!!), possibles (Gracie's word for popsickle), duck pond game & so much more!!!!

Have a great weekend folks. More to come post party~ aliigator

Allistair the Alligator

Horsing around

Pony up folks~

Melon face Melon Face

waiting for the pony Gracie & Nate waiting for the pony ride

Ducking around Ducky play with Em & Grace

Our latest Gracie repeat song: He's Got the Whole World In His Hands...

Of course, more animals make it into His hands than people do...go figure.


Ms. Daoust said...

One thing at a time today, Carm! BTW, I got your text and I will be sure to bring the card table with us when we come tomorrow. Best of luck to you today!

Anonymous said...

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