Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday Grace

It's been quite the birthday week! 
Blowout party on Sunday with 50 of our most favorite folks, all you can cotton candy in 8 flavors as well as limitless snow cones!  Whooo hoooo!  Party pics to come later...waiting for Uncle B. He shot most of them as I was entertaining all those lovely folks~
Keeping with tradition I had with my mom,  I took Gracie on our 1st mom & me strawberry picking expedition. See pics below.  They irrigated the crops that morning so to say it was muddy is quite an understatement. Gracie did lots of picking...out of my basket into hers. :o) She took it upon herself to warn each passerby that "It's pretty muddy out here." After we hosed ourselves off, we enjoyed strawberry pie and other sundry strawberry sweets in the onsite bakery.  On our way out the door, we picked up some lovely geraniums & herbs for home. THEN we headed 1/2 north to the beach....what a time we had! Gracie has a healthy respect for the waves & water this year which is very nice. She's growing so fast~
Today, the actual BIRTHDAY was spent downtown Chicago. Took the train & played in Millenium Park & fountains for a huge chunk of the day. Enjoyed the kids festivities/activities at the Target/Chicaco Children's Museum Tent.  Do it yourself facepainting....thankfully it washed off both of us at the fountain. She's napping now after a well spent day. We will have pizza & cake tonight with Nate, Steph & Emily. 
Happy Birthday, meine Schatze~  Ich liebe dich so viel~

beach 06-13

Gracie birthday 2007 024

Gracie birthday 2007 003
PS.  My keyboard took a bath yesterday...I have no idea if it will recover after a night of beeping.  There was no means to type last night...only point & click.  We'll see~~~~~


kristin said...

Happy Birthday Gracie Girl! My you have grown! Too bad we didn't hear about the cotton candy and snow cones . . . or we would have been there to get our sugar rush! Love you two!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Gracie! It looks like you've been having a splendid time. How you make me miss my Natalie! I sure hope Uncle Bob hurries it up with those pictures. I hope you have your best year ever being 3!!!

Ms. Daoust said...

Where, oh where, did you get that cute little two-piece swimsuit? :-) I, as always, enjoyed the pictures (and video) of Ms. Gracie! She is so darn cute!

Randy Beal said...

I've been bad about reading youyr blog. I was told there were some pics and the great video. Loved it! Gracie is so cute, especially in that 2 piece.

Tom said...

Happy Late Birthday, GRACIE! Neat pics. Looks like you had a good time.

Tomek Glinka said...

Gracie I wish I was there. Hope some day you will see uncle Tom from Poland for the second time in your life:) Your mum makes you one of the biggest present which is your memory blog. Mum all the best for youtwo. Gracie is lucky to have mum like you:)