Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are we there yet?

Today we encountered a couple of 1st experiences... We are in the throes of toilet training, but Gracie's just about there after a dry week in big girl undies. We were driving this morning to the babysitter's house when she asked "Are we there yet?" for the 1st time. Gracie knows this route, so this surprised me. "Almost, baby.", I replied. Then with urgency in her voice, "I gotta go peeeeeeee!" Ok, now I'm feeling all tense...big girl panties...gotta pee...another 5 minutes for this novice potty goer. "Can you hold it, sweetie?", as I eye the porta potty at the park we're passing. She looks down at her self all buckled up, then looks at her hand with a very puzzled "How do I hold it?" look. Let me rephrase that, "Can you wait or do I need to stop now?". we broke the speed limit, making it just in time with phone ahead "get the girl quick" teamwork with Auntie Jeannette.

Hee hee~ Please, please forgive me...I never thought I'd share potty talk with total strangers but there's always a 1st time, eh?


Randy Beal said...

txzFunny stuff Carm, glad she made it.

Carol said...

"How do I hold it?" That's funny. I'm sure there are a lot of expressions so common to us adults that are confusing to kids. In fact, I wrote a little story about this once called Literal Larry and the Confusing Conversation. Thanks for sharing your cute story.


Tom C said...

The important thing--Gracie made it! Woh! So glad.

Jen said...

LOL!! Cute...that's really funny.