Friday, March 23, 2007

10 Things Every Child Needs

10 Simple Things Every Child Needs

Interaction: Spend time watching me and responding to my cues. It tells me I'm important and special to you

Loving Touch: Cradle me, hold me, give me lots of hugs. It keeps me calm and comforts me and gives me courage to move on.

Stable Relationships: I need someone special to be there when I call. When I look around and see you I know I can go far.

Safe Healthy Environment: Plug the outlets, block the stairs. Use a carseat.

Self-Esteem: I can do it, yes I can, if you tell me so. Pay attention, give me praise and watch me go, go, go.

Quality Child Care: When you're gone I need to be with people you can trust to help me grow and teach me new exciting stuff.

Communication: Our little conversations mean a lot, even when I don't talk much.

Play: Play is fun, play is work. It is how I learn the ropes. When we play together you help me more than you know.

Music: 1, 2, 3 sing to me and make up silly tunes. Music is a special time that's fun to share.

Reading: Read to me, show me books, write my stories out in words.

Summarized from the Ounce of Prevention & McCormick Tribune Foundations video "10 Things Every Child Needs"

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Carol said...

I've never practiced any of these things with my children!

just kidding! :-)

This is really some helpful advice that every parent could use. Hope you and the Gracie girl are doing well. Give Bovvy a hug for me.