Thursday, October 05, 2006

Turtle Playground

On our way out of St Louis yesterday, we stopped for a bit of fun at Turtle Playground in Forest Park. What a great time! The weather was gorgeous, actually quite hot, so we took advantage of the warm sun on our faces before heading back to chilly Chicago. :o) It was so warm that Grace played in the sprinklers servicing the grassy knoll nearby. What fun! I only had my cell phone- bubble free & nearly healed - with me, thus the not so clear pic of Gracie up top & stock photos below. Oh well, we captured the moment regardless.

Seven concrete turtles from seven to 40 feet long each represent a different species found in Missouri. Among them are a red-eared slider, a soft-shelled turtle, a snapping turtle, a box turtle, a Mississippi map turtle and "stinkpot" turtle.
Two of the adult turtles -- one with its head uplifted and another with its mouth open -- rise out of the ground and are big enough for kids to climb and slide on. Four smaller turtles toddle nearby, and near a serpentine bench, baby turtles are shown breaking out of their shells.

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Anonymous said...

That's a cool looking park. Boy, I missed out when I was a kid! The picture of Gracie reminded me of an incident that happened when Jen was 2. We were at Marine World, and Jen was getting ready to go down this slide that was shaped like a giant snail. Suddenly, she realized she needed to go potty, but it was too late. Her tinkle came trickling down the slide. Oh, precious memories! LOL

Carol Connell

Jen said...

I wanna go!