Friday, October 27, 2006

Texas Time Pics

As promised, Texas Time pics: Blogspot gives me a headache when it comes to posting photos here. So if you are craving more photos, please visit my non-headache giving GraceFulldays Xanga-style. :o)

1st try - no pics at all. Let's try again!
2nd try- no pics.
3rd try - still no go. I'm finished :o(

UPDATE: Now I'm permitted to upload! It's only the next day. Thanks for stopping by Xanga~ this will be old news to some of you. :o) I've added a couple of new ones.

Gracie play with the Mambo doggie

Dallas Zoo children's stream

Big Tex

Up, up & AWAY~~

All things fried
This one's for HOLLY


Tracy said...

Hey pics of the fair. Noticed on your xanga that you are reading the Gospel according to Dr. Suess. I hope you did not buy that, because I have it somewhere at home. It's a great book though. I used it when I was working with the youth group! Never knew how much Dr. Suess knew!

Have fun at the zoo tomorrow! ~Tracy

Carol said...

Nice pictures. Every time I see Gracie it makes me long to see Natalie again. What's an auntie to do?


Holly said...

i love it...a booth full of chickens!!!!

Jen said...

You guys seem like you have a lot of fun! Grace is so cute in all the pictures you take.