Friday, October 20, 2006

Deep Fried Texas: the scoop

Howdie folks. Texas sure knows how to put on a fair! We had a BLAST! The children's rides were the most creative I've seen. Picture my fringed Gracie floating in a canoe along a river among the tall grasses & down the rapids. It was a Poncahontas picture if I ever saw one. :o) Can't wait to share my pics with ya'll!

So...the crispy results are in. Deep fried coke gets my vote! Other samplings included deep fried peanut butter & jelly & banana sandwich. TAST-YY! I looked for that praline & cosmopolitan but couldn't find them. Probably a good thing, I'd say. :o)

That's all for now!


Anonymous said...

We miss you Guys!! Hurry home :)


cltgrace said...

Awwww....we miss you guys as well! Gracie said she missed home & so we talked about all the people & things we missed about home. You guys were at the top of the list along with that cutie Emily baby! She'll be half grown by the time we see you guys again, eh? Hugs!

BlogContino said...

I totally thought you were kidding about the deep-fried Coke. Then I saw an article about it on-line. Yowsa! I need to get me some of that. Did ya get the recipe? :)