Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Texas Time

I'm here in sunny Texas. Well, now it's sunny after several days of rain. Grace & I enjoyed the Dallas zoo yesterday & a bit a pool time since it was in the 80's. Yes, it is WARM. Yeah! The girl has been playing herself silly with M & M's puppy, Mambo. We're looking forward to the Texas State Fair with the Derby pair in a couple of days.

Just to recap the latest:
Grace & I made our way down to St Louis to celebrate my sister's bday. We delightfully enjoyed that delish cake & equally enjoyed pampering while getting our fingers & toes prettied up. Ok, maybe the cake was a bit more tasty! Later, we went to the St Louis Zoo for the Pumpkin Prowl with a Pumpkin latte on the way home was worth it all. :o) It was really nice to enjoy the weekend with Tracy. She is indeed worth celebrating!

Sunday, we headed out for Texas. Grace did GREAT on her 1st non-baby flight! Of course, the girl has logged more flight miles than some accumulate in their lifetime but this was the first flight she was tall enough to see out the window or kick the seat in front of her. ;o) Actually, there was no kicking. We enjoyed tasty snacks; some American Airline, but mostly mom packed snacks. We doodle bugged, read books & drew some cool pictures. Fun!

We've played lots with the puppy & a bit in the pool, ventured to the zoo, picked up some pink cowboy boots & await the fair excursion with M & M. We'll be back home before you know it so bring on the sunshine!


Ms. Daoust said...

I'm happy to see a post from you. I was starting to have MAJOR blog withdrawal!

Randy Beal said...

glad to hear you girls are having a great trip. you shouuld be coming home to sunshine, but it looks temps are gonna be dropping. we miss you guys and can't wait to see you.

Carol said...

How nice to be able to get away! I hope you continue to enjoy your time in Texas. You gonna go back to Chicago with a southern drawl? :-)


nate said...

have a deep fried twinkie for me

BlogContino said...

Excellent, but don't overzoo it. We've got our Lincoln Park Boo at the Zoo coming up. And just in case you have a moment of weakness, a warning: STEP AWAY FROM THE RUMMIKUBE!!

cltgrace said...

You guys are the best! We have plenty of scream left in us for the Zoo Spooktacular in Chi-town! The Pumpkin Prowl left us cold & the Dallas Zoo can't hold a candle to our animal outings thus far. Believe me, no rumicub in sight guys...sad, but true. I'm ready for a rumble though- bring it on Blogcontino & bring your buddy, Beal! That Ms. Daoust is quite the player herself. Don't let that quiet one fool you. :o) We must get together soon. Texas smiles to ya'll!