Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finding Myself: Apple Pie for One

It's one of those crazy "up before I should be" mornings and I was googling stuff here and there. I looked for the history on my favorite dinnerware pattern Scio Hazel.  Nothing much there, except a reminder that I need cream and sugar bowls to complete my set. I also checked out pieces of Calico Fruits - this whimsical gingham checked pattern with cherries, finding a charming pitcher with NO bids and free shipping!! Maybe I'll put a bid on that. Maybe.  So, googling here and there; a long lost friend and then I googled myself.  Look what popped up: a recipe and reader review I submitted to Chicago Parent about County Line Orchard. Who knew?
The apple of my eye
Check out the review & recipe here:  Apple Pie for One

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