Sunday, December 16, 2012

Music to My Ears

This has been a most delightful weekend.   Our small group Oasis Christmas gathering on Friday evening was a thoughtful sharing of how we live our faith in front of our children; making memorials of our faith to remember God's goodness and sustenance in difficult seasons. I'm thankful for an oasis where our heart can be laid bare and there is no shame; where we can live and grow our lives together in this pursuit of Christ.

Saturday made way for a visit from Uncle Bob.  We indulged in home made baked Three (really four) Cheese Macaroni with Yumbo's - Bob's childhood term for baked ham and cheese sandwiches.  We rounded out the warm-from-the-inside-out meal with my very own Parmesan, garlic and spinach stuffed mushrooms. Oh, yeah.  For dessert, we enjoyed Dutch Banket - not quite as tasty as the Hofstra's secret recipe, but yummy nonetheless.

After our fill of a tasty lunch, Uncle Bob helped us trim the tree. Lovely, indeed, but where is that box with the angel  tree topper and my patchwork table top Christmas tree? We'll find it, but in the meantime, I'm loving this twinkling tree adorned with memories from here, there, and everywhere.

Gracie put up the tree pretty much by herself this year. She earned quite a few lemonheads in her show of independence.  Talk about a proud moment...Grace asked me if I would teach her how to use the washer and dryer.  MUSIC to my EARS, I'm telling you! Then this morning after my googling stint during the before dawn hour, Gracie surprised me with a bright eyed and bushy tailed "I'm up early this morning. Can I read a book?" More MUSIC to my EARS. I'm still smiling.

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Jennifer Connell said...

I never knew about UB's Yumbos! lol Ya learn something new everyday! :) I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!