Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Giving Voice to My Gratitude - the Beginning

Let's begin, not wasting a single moment more...

Today, I give thanks...
1.  sheer delight in her giggles
2.  her curls around my finger
3.  finding her reading this morning, all tucked up in her purple birthday chair
4.  she still tells me I'm the sweetest mom ever
5.  the ease of popover pancakes - almond chocolate (sweet girl added marshmallows to hers)
6.  friends who pray for me
7.  time to pray for others in these days of grace
8.  work that is not really work, but passionate play with a purpose; I love it still
9.  the gift of a thousand gifts to guide me into this endeavor of gratitude - to live each day fully
10. BC saved enthusiastic birthday message to the Gracie girl. He blesses me over & over again.

Ok, it's a good start. I'm off to install the washer and dryer blessing. I guess that would be # 11 - the gift of doing laundry at home. Yes. Thank you. THANK YOU!  

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