Sunday, August 15, 2010

Change for a pie?

The computer is on vacation in Temple, Texas for repair. Gee, I miss that guy. Didn't realize how tied at the hip I am to that thing, but given I can't bill for ANY of my work without computer access...I'm hopelessly devoted~ I'm on borrowed time here. Gracie is playing over with her cutie little Sophia friend. Those girls are absolutely CRAZY together & I need to take a turn wrangling the team. Her folks are absolutely WONDER full AND they garden. Oh, yes...a lovely garden indeed. AND they share with their friends. Oh, yes they do. I feasted on some First Light tomatoes from that gorgeous Eden spot. TASTY! Borrowed time..right.

So, yesterday Grace & I went shopping for school clothes - the ALL day kind of shopping that only happens ONCE a year. Thank His holy name. =) We were at Kohls by 7:30 AM & walking out the doors at 9 AM as the crowd thickened. Famished, we stopped in Round the Clock for some breakfast. Mind you, this is no Lumes or Essenhaus by far; but we did enjoy a sit down breakfast with waffles, whipped cream & simply delicious syrup. Approaching the cash register to pay, I handed Grace a five, asking her to get change so I could leave a tip. "Please ask for change for a five." We paid the bill & began our retreat to the car for more adventures in spending when Grace inquisitively asked, "Where's the pie? You forgot the pie." Huh? "Mom, you told me to get change for a pie. Where's our tasty pie?" hee hee...well, the girl wasn't laughing when I told her there was no tasty pie, I wanted change for a five. =) I'm still laughing~ STILL. She is STILL not laughing. Guess my articulation was not as crisp as it should have been. =)

AND before I close (I am on borrowed time, remember?). This Grace FULL moment to share: Climbing in the car this afternoon, Grace was singing a little tune with all the Mary Poppins' British-ness she could muster. "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...the medicine go down...the medicine go down." I love a British accent. Ahh, who am I kidding...I swoon at any accent. =) Happy day, friends!


Randy Beal said...

Where's the pie? Too funny! School starts today for Emily, when does it start for Gracie?

Girly Muse said...

She's so adorable. :) I think that girl deserves some pie!!! haha