Friday, July 30, 2010

Families that Stick: DO: Engage, don't entertain

Hey, you know I always say "Joy shared is twice as nice." Well, some wonder FULL folks I know are doing a blog right over at Families that Stick! Check it out at the link below & tell Kristen I sent you!

Families that Stick: DO: Engage, don't entertain

THIS I just had to share, borrowing it right from fresh pages over at Families that Stick:

For a few ideas on simple play, the ABC's by Jill Rigby:
(hint: these are ideas for YOU to do with your kids)
A - Always smile
B - Blow bubbles
C - Color in a coloring book
D - Draw a self-portrait
E - Eat a PB & J
F - Finger paint
G - Goofy faces
H - Hide and seek (surprise your kids by asking them first!)
I - Ice cream cones
J - Jump rope
K- Kick the can (down the street)
L - Look up and watch the stars or the clouds
M - Musical chairs after supper
N - NO TV - please.
O - Old-fashioned hopscotch
P - Paper airplanes
Q - Questions - ask silly, silly ones
R - Race around the block
S - Scissors, paper, rock
T - Take your family for a walk (no phones allowed!)
U - Uncontrollable laughter
V - Ventriloquism
W - Walk barefoot in the grass
X - Xylophone
Y - Yodel
Z - Zoo animal sounds

Enjoy some play'll do YOU good too!
Super Sleuths, Grace & Haddon, at the STL Science Center
Gracie putting out fires for CPD at Chicago Children's Museum
Mac & Cheese climbing at Navy Pier
Loving her Mac & Cheese
BBQ sweet treat we took to the big BBQ at Annie's house
BBQ friends: Annie, Grace & more Grace
Summer Shine
Ice cream anyone??
Gracie making her own whale song at the Children's Museum


KimD said...

I'd add to the list, just for you Carm, SLEEP!

Randy Beal said...

That's great to see the summer fun u 2 have been having.

Tom Clay said...

Guess what:) I will have that list on my blog and hopfully stick to it;) Just love it:)