Friday, July 23, 2010

Pecans & Croutons

Life is moving forward & we are thoroughly enjoying these Grace FULL days of summer with lots of swimming & friend play with a bit of travel. Boy, I have thought about blogging here & there. Sigh~ But I'm here now with a moment I want to remember.

Grace & I were enjoying a tasty Cone Cottage treat this week. With her participation in the summer reading program at the library, Grace scored a free ice cream cone. Not that we need a coupon to lure us into that sinfully delicious place, is nice. =) Grace ordered up a lemon-lime twisty cone, while I savored a pecan pie blaster. Scrumptious doesn't EVEN capture it. Seriously.

After about 5 bites or so of my pecan laden delight, Grace asked "Why do I always want what you order?" Order envy. She comes by it honestly. Good thing we don't mind sharing. That's what good friends do in my book. A couple more bites of just the pecans & she declared while rolling her eyes heavenward, "I just love croutons." hee hee - "No, honey, those are pecans." She stumbled over it a few more times, landing somewhere between the two words before she finally got it. Hilarious. I was laughing out LOUD. Thankfully, she was as well. She can be a bit sensitive about the laughing...especially if it's at her or WITH her, rather. I wish I had a picture of that sweet face as she grappled with her expanding expressive lexicon. She's heard both words, croutons & pecans; the stumbling came in using them. =)

Then, of course, we talked about how folks say it differently; but the correct way is with the emphasis on the "can" (sounds like "don" rather than "Dan") part of pecan instead of an emphasized "pe" with a long, drawn out peeeeeeeeeeecan. It's kind of like the pop/soda thing. :o)

She's laying on couch at present - it's 2:36 AM - sick with an upset tummy. We emptied out dinner & then some. Bless her heart. We've got a system down though as we've slept with the little purple & pink bucket this week...far more than her share. Sigh~ I keep her hair pulled back & a washcloth on her neck. Poor baby. She has enjoyed more 7-UP than a six year old should. In Jesus' name. Ssssssomebody!


KimD said...

Tell Gracie I love croutons too! Especially the candied, roasted ones. Yum!

Tom Clay said...

I believe some day I will taste it as well and my kids will love it.
The best ever ice creams I know the taste are in Dlucik 1954 in Panewniki close to grandpa's house. They are best ever. Carmen take some sleep;) My dad says it very importent;)
Wishing you all the best. Give a kiss to Gracie from uncle Tom:)

Fruitful Vine2 said...

That ice cream looks so yummy! I pray Grace feels better soon.

Girly Muse said...

That absolutely IS the correct way to say it, thank you so much. Glad there's someone else out there who says it RIGHT. :)

So cute. Croutons/Pecans...I can see why she got them mixed up.

Will be praying for a quick recovery. Sorry Gracie has been feeling rough. Hugs and prayers your way. xo