Thursday, March 05, 2009

Catch Me

Lovely day yesterday, bright with sun that warmed me inside and out. We enjoyed some park play after work and school was finished. Grace made it across the monkey bars unaided for the 1st time at our favorite Circus Park. I'm so proud of her.

Another youngster was toddling around, climbing on this and checking that out. You can tell the kids with confidence. You can tell which have parents that have safeguarded from a slight distance--within reach. Kids need space to learn, take risks and try new things--developing their confidence and "I can do it" skills - all within reach of a parent who's there waiting.

"Mom, you be ready to catch me if I fall, Ok?" I'm right here, Grace...right here waiting and within reach.

And isn't that just like our heavenly Father- waiting to catch us if we fall...supporting us in His confidence that we can do it? If we are willing to walk where He's called us, even in unfamiliar or uncertain territory or circumstances - He is there within reach, cheering us and ready to catch us if we stumble...when we stumble. Stumble we shall, yet He is there to break our fall and dust us off; maybe tend to our wounds, only to encourage us to get up and try again.

He is my confidence. He will catch me. He gives us roots and wings. I love this Mark Harris song - the video is of his family, but it's a great song. I'll do my own video someday. Until then~ Here's to roots, wings, and confidence!


Girly Muse said...

what a glorious picture. she looks like a little angel.

and so true. i heartily amen.

Randy Beal said...

Yeah, good job on the monkey bars Grace! Yesterday was a perfect park day. Hope all is well.

Carol Connell said...

Love the analogy of our Heavenly Father waiting to catch us when we fall. Cute picture of Gracie.

Margarita said...

Good comparison! I totally agree with you, Our Father is always attentive, even when we not asked for help, He always is, He knows that we need even when not often us ask Him. Powerful and full of mercy and brotherly love. Once again your boot in my heart a smile and Grace makes jump me in joy. I hope for our embrace, to hold and to can tell how much love we have into life for to share very soon!!

tomek GLINKA said...

Great song. Very powerfull.
It is good to know that Out Father is always there and always cares.