Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloweeny Fun - updated with video

Happy Halloween to you & yours! We had a great time dowtown last weekend with Uncle Bob. Our little princess marched in the parade, right alongside Bugs Bunny & Sylvester. We enjoyed all the Chicagoween festivities in Daley Plaza. Later we warmed up at Uncle Bob's with hot chocolate and carved pumpkins. Here are a few pics from our Chicagoween adventures~

Big City princess: Cutest costume 3+

On Halloween itself, we enjoyed festivities at Toys R Us & the mall. Rounded out the day trick or treating with just ducky friend, Emily. Sharing some of my favorite pictures. Look for a Smilebox coming soon~

Honest to God, I went through 19 short videos taken during the trick or treating event...trying to find a good picture of the girls together without Em's finger up her nose. I remember this phase...wish I could forget. So, I just had to include this one of BOTH of them digging around. Geez...I'm going to catch flack for this from Em's mom when she reads this post & years from now, both girls will hate me for posting this.

Buried treasure~

DelightFULL! Best picture

Sleeping beauty: Best picture
Of coures I was NOT driving when I shot this little clip of the tuckered out princess. I was at a stoplight. :o)
PS - check out the super fun halloween contest showing off our pumpkins, sponsored by the Parent Bloggers Network and Blurb. This one thing I know, I'm making a book at Blurb. The price is right indeed! Thanks to Parent Bloggers & Blurb for hosting such a fun contest!


Carol Connell said...

Hi Carmen,

As I was looking at the pictures of Gracie, I noticed what beautiful eyes she has and how fast she is growing. Hope you continue to enjoy every minute of her. :-)

tomek GLINKA said...

Hi Girls,

I love your biiiiig smile:)
The smile does not look as not yours;)
I can see you have lovely times both together.
Wishing you all the best.
Uncle Tommy keeps fingers crossed for you both:)