Friday, October 24, 2008

Grace & Jon at Fair Oaks Farm

We recently enjoyed a day with Grace & one of her bestest friends, Jon, at Fair Oaks Farm. Last year Grace declared she would marry her cousin Haddon. "No, Grace, you can't marry Haddon. He is your cousin. You want to marry your best friend." "Well then," she declared, "When I'm 5, I'll marry Jonathon." "Nooooooo....maybe when you're 35." So, here they are down on the farm & having fun!

Click to play Grace & Jon Farm Fun

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Bob said...

Great pics! Looks like it was tons o' fun.

Anonymous said...

Grace grows beautiful, and as always I enjoy to see their happiness as Grace can share fun with your friends.

With much love,


Anonymous said...

They both look sooo cute. I guess you guys had a lot of fun. Makes my heart smile.