Friday, August 01, 2008

Good news!

Hey, I just got an email from Martin at Bob's Your Uncle announcing the release of their new book, Dinosaur Soup, which features Gracie's recipe for making cookies. Can't wait to see it & share it with ya'll!
Bob's Your Uncle is a Boston, Massachusetts based paper goods company founded by Martin & Michele Yeeles in 2001. Originally from England, they moved to the States in 1993 “just for a year or two” and have been in Boston ever since. Martin is a graphic designer, Michele a former shoe designer.

Just so you know...“Bob's your uncle” is a British expression used to indicate that a given task is very simple. Possibly inspired by Victorian Prime Minister, Robert Cecil, who appointed his nephew to a ministerial post, therefore to have Bob as your uncle has a guarantee of success. It is often used immediately following a set of simple instructions and roughly carries the same meaning as the phrase "and there you have it." For example, "Simply put a piece of ham between two slices of bread, and Bam! Bob’s your uncle!”.

Too funny, huh? It's so nice to have an Uncle Bob~


Carol Connell said...

Oooooh! I like this new expression. I'm sure a certain brother of mine is eating it up. Congrats on getting the recipe published.

Fruitful Vine said...

Just stopped by to say hi. Congratulations on the recipe being featured.

justmeandy said...

And interesting choice of words!

Kelly said...

Hmmmm, just what is this recipe? I must try it. Kudos to you and the princess!

Jennifer said...

Uncle Bob is awesome. =)