Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Check this out! I love this girl - loved her from her audition on American Idol & rooted for her until voted off. What a message. Five Minutes for Mom is giving away 5 of Ayiesha's sophmore album, Love Like This. I've got my name in the hat, but not sure I can wait to see if I won. This one will sway the Vue indeed. Enjoy!

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tomek GLINKA said...

Hey there, decided to check out how are you my friends? I see there is new style on your blog. I love the huge pic of Gracie and the text on.
It is very deep. And congratulations on your Olympics medals and first place.
Kris came back from Europe Round Trip. There are some photos of him on my blog and new 500 pics from my wedding. I talk to you more on gmail. All the best for you both. Praying for you and Gracie. I keep my fingers crossed:)