Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dinosaur Soup

Well, it's here & I'm delighted! Gracie's now-published recipe is on page 123!

Here's a lil sampling of Dinosaur Soup (And Other Dubious Recipes Written By Children)

Thanks for asking about Gracie's recipe. I'll post it here, but as Dinosaur's disclaimer reads "These recipes contain partially cooked, completely uncooked, totally overcooked, an/or readily unavailable or non-existent ingredients. Preparation as directed is not advised and as shown will almost certainly result in inedible meals and food-borne illnesses. Recipes feature are for entertainment purposes only. In short, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!"

Gracie's Chocolate Chip Cookies
cookie dough- yellow
little chocolates

Put the chocolates in and bake it in the oven and in 30 more minutes it's done. So then we get chocolate chip cookies.

And Bob's your uncle~ EDIT: or it could just as easily be "and Randy's your uncle" :o)

Now, if this looks like your kind of recipe or recipe book, let me know...I have an inside track on purchasing. :o) Sources also tell me Bob's Your Uncle is soon opening a retail section on their website where you can purchase super cool stuff like Dinosaur Soup.

Happy Day to you & yours from delighted me & mine~

EDIT: I submitted Gracie's recipe in response to a call for kid's recipes - unedited & fresh from the kids' mouth! How fun & what an honor to be included!


Dutchnic said...

Cool! Where did Grace get the idea to enter her recipe?

Randy Beal said...

I'm going to make the raisin stuffed grape when I get a bunch of free time. Sounds so wxotic! Good stuff Carm, except ~~I'm growing weary of seeing "Bob's Your Uncle".

Bob said...

Too cute, and a chocolate lover to boot! That Gracie girl is one smart cookie. She must take after that Uncle Bob character I keep hearing about. He da bomb.

Randy Beal said...

Finally you got it right! Too funny!