Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dakota update - surgery delayed

The head surgeon on the team had an emergency surgery that kept her up for over 36 hours and she refused to operate on Dakota until she can be rested. There is a team of 5 surgeons who will be operating and after the last scan they have said it will be a minimum of 12 hours on the operating table. It will probably be the first of the week. God is still able to completely remove this tumor and no surgery is needed and that is what we are believing for. Let's pray specifically for Dakota's breathing and mobility during the interim. He is having trouble catching his breath and his legs are giving out on him easily.

I'll keep you posted, my friend. Friendship is truly a wonderful blessing, but when friends share a common belief in our great God above it takes friendship to a whole new level.

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Fruitful Vine said...

How is it going with Dakota? I only read about it today and I prayed for the family. I pray all is well with you.