Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pray today

Hi folks - time to pray~
  • Dakota - 5 year old boy in surgery this morning with an "Intramedulary Spinal Cord Tumor". It may or may not be cancerous, though they will determine that this morning upon surgery. He is being treated by a pediatric neurological surgeon that specializes in brain and spinal tumors. They have said that it is very possible that he will not make it through the surgery. They say that if he pulls through he will have neurological disorders that hopefully therapy can fix over time but it is possible that he will never be the same child or even close to the same child. The tumor is surrounding soooo many nerves. Nerves that control the breathing, heart, bowels, eyes, hearing it's just in the worst place possible. This is a very RARE condition that he has and has been there for a long time. It is a very slow growing tumor but still a very dangerous one.
  • Pray for Dakota's parents: Autumn & Kevin. Dad's job is giving him trouble because he is off work. He is of course not getting paid for his time off. Thus, pray for this family's finances as well. Pray for wisdom & decisions regarding fundraising efforts.


Randy Beal said...

I don't know, this gets me emotional reading about it everytime. Dakota and his family are definitely in my prayers.

Randy Beal said...

How'd surgery go?