Sunday, June 08, 2008

Big Week

Lately, I've had lots to say but Blogger's kept me at bay with some cookie problem. Cookie problems - what a problem to have, eh? But I finally resolved the problem at 3:30 AM with nothing else to do. No, I was just really motivated to resolve the issue & move on. Resolve & move on~

It's beeen a big week round here indeed! Summer camp started for the little Miss. She's a happy girl these days planting flowers, making strawberry jam and having a bike wash at school...oh, right - it's "summer camp." That makes a big difference, you know? This week, she actually told me "It's ok, Mom. I can go in by meself." That's big for us & I'm smiling!

My studies...well, we're pressing on for sure! I'm taking Augmentative & Alternative Communication as well as Assessment this semester. Enjoy both of them...the instructors are great & I'm learning lots despite the pace...despite being on campus 4 night per week. So much for building margins in my life. Much to my surprise I aced an exam that I was certain demonstrated my "ill prepareness." Hmmmm - guess I was more prepared than I thought. That feels nice~

But speaking of margins....check this out - a CLC sermon series on just that - building margins in our lives. It's so right where we live. Watch it live on Sundays or catch the most recent installments via video or audio message.

I witnessed an accident this week - right in front of me. A mini van turned into the path of an oncoming truck. Nasty & gnarly accident - just pray everyone was ok. The van was in the intersection, waiting to complete a left turn. The light was yellow...they proably thought the
truck was stopping given it would not make it through on green or even yellow light. Nope - that truck was bound to make the light. In a moment, everything changed. In a moment~ it really shook me up. I called 911 as soon as it happened & was calm, but afterward - really shaken up. I was on my way to a client's house for therapy & though I've been there dozens of times, I couldn't find it...I was so disoriented, my brain just not working right. You just never know when a moment might alter your life with magnanamous proportions. Time to slow down...take my time & build some margin in my life.


Dutchnic said...

Oh my! That must have been horrible to see!

Margarita said...

The angels Jehovah's camp always about who we love.

I am happy and I give glory to God that you're well!



Kelly said...

Just wanted to stop by and see images of two of my favorite people. So thankful your angels delayed you a few seconds somewhere in your day to keep you from being the one involved in the accident you witnessed. God is faithful. I love you! -Kelly