Saturday, April 12, 2008

Princess Preparation

It's been a busy time around here...despite my frequent posts. It's therapeutic. Things are certainly getting checked of the TO DO list. Final exam prep is coming along.....ok, I guess, kinda sorta? Big thanks to Deb for having Gracie over to play so I could subject myself to irritation at the Beecher Public Library. "No, we don't have a trash can. Everyone must take their own trash home." Alrighty then~

"I know you are the only one in the library, but you may not talk on your cell phone. A rule is a rule. Gee, seems like I only have corrections to give you today." Hmmmm - ya think? Never mind you were on the phone 40 minutes before I even began my 45 sec conversation. Hmmmm....oh, well. I am thankful for 3.5 hours of good study time!

Taxes are finished. I know...I know.

What's happening today?

  • German kindergarten - let's talk about immersion next week. :o)
  • Sleepy Beauty chldren's theatre with fellow princessin Emily, Presley & Kayla - cutie pics to come for sure - they will all be decked out in their Sleeping Beauty gowns, tiaras & magic wands, loving compliments of Grandma Marcia - which reminds me... I've got something I need to do.

EDIT: My list was much longer - but...change of plans~ No South Bend for us this weekend. Edit to ice cream after the performance & then study, sleep & more sleep Much as I wanted to serve; study & sleep prevailed...and managing a nasty headache.

Sleeping Beauty was delightful & clever. A little twist on the Disney tale, but we were happy. Prior to our arrival at the theatre, Grace declared all she needed was yellow hair & she would look just like the princess. Yellow hair without curls. It was rainy day so we had more spiral locks than usual. Too cute as the girl tried to shake the curl right out of her hair. Princess Lilly had brown locks just like Gracie. Lovely indeed~

This was quite a memory maker & treasure for me. One of my favorite early memories with my mom & sister was going to see Sleepy Beauty at Keil Auditorium in St Louis. I couldn't have been more than 3 years old. We were sittiing really high & I was simply enchanted by the fairy godmothersd flying through the auditorium, then hovering over that sweet baby bassinette. Enchanted~

Though some details differed in the story, Grace was a happy girl as she siddled up to the prince & princess after the play. She later recounted her favorite scence one in which the princes was chasing the less than pleasant spell casting fairy. The 3 sweet fairies were chasing after the prince to remind him to kiss the girl~ That was her favorite part. A few tears when we had to leave...she spied a pottery making/painting worshop & thought that would just top it all off. Another time~

Happy Birthday, Mama~ Miss you & wish you were here to enjoy this day with us. What treasured memories to share~


Fruitful Vine said...

What adorable pictures! I can tell the fun that was had. Their faces are so happy!

Randy Beal said...

Phew, I'm wore out after reding that. I can only imagine how you are. Missing you both!

Margarita said...

Grace is very pretty; and you Carmen very special!

I love yours!