Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another round of random facts

Ok, I've been tagged again by Fruitful Vine & someone else I can't find now. Only in this procrastination mode would I find time to do the 7 random fact post, but I said I would. The buck stops here - no tags from me. :o)

So the little known facts - little known unless you know me or have read my blog for some time:

1. With a passion for the harvest, I have served with missions teams in 11 nations around the globe including China, Senegal, Turkey, Guatemala, Bulgaria, the UK, Puerto Rico/Bahamas and then some. Those were my BG days...before Grace. :o) Ya'll know what I mean! My mission field is a bit closer to home these days, but I believe I'm cultivating a heart for the harvest in my little Grace. Most recently, I've been sowing into our newest church campus, CLC South Bend, as part of the worship team. What a privilege to serve~

2. While working on my undergraduate degree, I was a licensed forklift operator. Now, it didn't take long for the folks at this 10,000+ acre warehouse & distribution center fo find something more suitable for me to do rather than drive a fork truck around taking out this & denting that. Actually, the damage was when I tried to drive the stand up fork truck:

"Wes, your truck is blocking the aisle. Will you move your truck please?"
"Move it yourself, girlie"
"Ok, how does this thing work?"

Wes gives a few basic instructions...

"This is easy & a bit fun.....Ok, how do I
stop...HOW DO I STOP?!!

"Well, running into the racks is one way to do it"

Hee, hee....yeah, not so funny then.

3. At 19, I was on record as the youngest person employed as an official staff member in the history of SouthEast Missouri State University. Intially part of the work study program, I worked for the University Police department, assistant to the Transportation Coordinator. When my boss resigned, I got the real job..meaning I coordinated all the official travel for the University, managing a fleet of cars, vans, buses & coaches for faculty, sports teams, etc. I picked Tina Turner & her band up at the airport prior to her concert at the Show ME Center. It was quite the event as she got her heel caught in the platform coming off the plane. I think she was a bit toooo relaxed. :o)

4. While serving as the Transportation Coordinator, I was assigned to the Transportation Unit of the SECRET SERVICE to assist and facilitate transportation during President RONALD REAGAN's visit to SEMO Sept 1988. I belonged to the Secret Service logistical team for two weeks prior to the Presidential visit. Of course, the highlight was seeing/hearing this great President in person. However, the letter that came from the White House personally thanking me for my assistant was also pretty sweet as the youngest staff member in the history of the University. :o)

5. Between my job as a developmental therapist working with infants & toddlers with special needs AND my priviledge as MOM to 3 yr old Grace....rarely a day goes by that I don't make animal sounds...with a quack, quack here & a quack, quack there~

6. I love the orange-chocolate combination...from a kid, I'd add orange juice to my chocolate ice cream, making a tasty shake. How wonderful find as a grown up there are lots of choc-orange indulgences. :o) My favorite...Swenson's Swiss Orange Chip Ice Cream. Sadly, the last time I ever enjoyed this tastry treat was in San Fransico trapsing up Nob/Russian Hill. Now, that was a refreshing pit stop. :o)

7. Aside from the Six Flags/Cedar Point cheesy recording studio stuff, I am recorded on 4 CD productions including 2 live performances (plus a ton of studio work) with our worship team from CLC. I recorded with the IBC chorale/choir in Indianopolis. AND finally, while living in Germany I did some vocals for a German recording artist as well as co-wrote 2 songs for his newest production.


Randy Beal said...

I feel bad that I did not know #3. Oh and good work on pushing off work till la2ter AGAIN! :-)

Oswald said...

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Fruitful Vine said...

Wow girl! Those are amazing things! The President, Tina Turner, Secret Service. Thanks for sharing and taking part in this. I just got to know you a little bit better. Hope your day is a great one.

Dutchnic said...

I had forgotten about the forklift thing. Made me smile again :)
Have a wonderful day!

Dutchnic said...

Hi Carmen,
I checked, and there's a direct bus going from Schiphol airport to the Keukenhof. I don't how long it takes, though. And I don't know how much time you want to spend there. Seems to me like 3 hours is awfully short... if you want to go there, actually see something of the park, get back and be on time to catch your next flight..
Don't you have a longer layover on your way back? How long will you be staying in Germany?

Kristen M. said...

Hi, just stopping by to say that you won the Miss Patty Cake DVD giveaway on my blog. I'll send you an e-mail to get your mailing address. Enjoyed your random facts. Is "South Bend" as in Indiana? My husband and I were married there (Trinity Evangelical).