Sunday, April 06, 2008

High Ups

A couple of weeks ago, Gracie declared, " When I get big I want to wear some high ups." My mind raced to recall high ups - are those a like a high top shoe worn by a classmate? "Hmmm, what are high ups?", I relented. "You know, mom. Those shoes that make you high up when you wear them." Hee hee in high heels!


Anonymous said...

Weren't our girly-girls sweet, twirling around here in their "High Ups"?

Queentino & Princess Natalia

Dutchnic said...


nikkimarie said...

High Ups! That's great. It's so precious how they want to emulate everything they see in their mommies. I can remember thinking my mom was the greatest thing in the world when I was younger. I want to be that for my little girl too.
Yes, Chicago is a beautiful place in the spring. I can't wait until the weather is warmer and I can take the kids to play on the beach and watch the boats and collect rocks.
And yes, report the words to remember. It really does make you think.