Saturday, November 17, 2007

Missing mom-being a mom: part 2

In the spirit of missing mom, I began to bake assisted by my sous-chef, Grace. Sous-chef: 2nd in kitchen command. Sous-chef- we learned that from Ratatouille, the movie. According to Gusteau, "Anyone can cook!" I don't quite have the French accent down, but...May I say this about Ms. Grace: she is quite the egg breaker now, without much mess outside the bowl. She really tries to refrain from putting her licked finger back into the bowl when there's something tasty in there-now she washes first. :o) She's learning some things might look tasty, but really aren't that yummy. The girl fearlessly holds the mixer now & actually keeps it in the bowl. This is good! She loves to measure and at this point believes every recipe calls for one cup of water. Ha! I love it! It is really a cooperative effort now in the kitchen & I am delighted! Mom would be delighted as well!

So now we have bannan nut bread using mom's recipe with just a pinch of nutmeg added. We have chocolate chip cookies- not her recipe but mom would have loved them, do doubt. What else....oh & 2 scrumptious pumpkin rolls. This was typically my official contribution to the holiday fare but I haven't made one in YEARS! I threw in some walnuts on one of the rolls & I must say-what a treat! It was all I could do not to slice that baby up! We only ate the ends cut off to make the roll pretty & presentable.

Also, following the likeness of my mom...we are sharing our creations with others...well, maybe not the cookies. Banana bread will go to Grandparent Day. Pumpkin will be frozen for Thanksgiving & the other, maybe I'll send that for Grandparent Day as well. We'll see~

Cooking is a sweet way to remember mom & accumulate experiences with Grace. This is how we pass tradition from one generation to the next~ I have a feeling Grace will be baker & love to share it with others.
Busy weekend...if we stay healthy, in Jesus name. German kindergartden this morning then we are headed downtown!!! It's the annual festival of lights kicking off the holiday season. We plan to join thousands of other carolers in attempts to break the world record for largest holiday caroling group! Whooo hoooo! There are a ton of activities before hand...Christmas Around the World and the Holiday Mitten Tree. After the caroling, we will enjoy the Festival of Lights Holiday Parade with Mickey & Friends. We are all about the princesses-Cinderella, Jasmin, Snow hoping we get to see those friends! Yeah!

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