Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year~

Wishing you & yours a very happy & blessed new year!

We are home after a great trip to Missouri, visiting family & like-family friends. :o) Here's a special shout out loud to Mildred in Robertsville! Thanks for keeping up with us! Always a pleasure...

Gracie enjoyed horsie rides, papa time, rough & tumple time with Uncle George
& tractor play with Haddon along with all the Christmas surprises found here, there & everywhere. :o)
Here are a few pics from our recent visit as well as catch up photos from our 1st hair cut at Orlando Lyn Salon - yeah...free 1st hair cut from Nick. YEAH! AND one good pic from Christmas Presence with stow away Grace in the Jingle Bell sleigh~


Ms. Daoust said...

I love the picture of Gracie with your dad. She looks so grown up and beautiful! How much hair got cut off? It looked pretty long in picture of her in front of the tree. Hope you had an enjoyable holiday season! I'm back to work tomorrow...when does your internship start?

Carol said...

Happy New Year, Carmen! May you be abunddantly blessed in 2007.



Randy said...

Hey Carm! Maybe we can get together next weekend?

Jen said...

Happy New Year!

The picture of Gracie with whoever is holder her (papa or uncle?) is cute!! I really like the look on her face. lol