Friday, December 22, 2006

Jingle all the way~

No doubt that's what we will be listening to on the way to SE Missouri. We are heading out in just a bit but I wanted to give a shout out! I just got word that my SLPP practicum has been finalized as of this morning! Whoop! Whoop! God comes through just on time. I'll serve approximately 16 weeks at ECHO school/early childhood center in South Holland! Yeah~ Now if I could only get that Auntie Jeannette to move a bit closer to love on the Gracie girl one more day~~~ Wishful thinking...

Hey - Have a very Merry Christmas, making many memories with Christ at the center. Love & hugs! See ya next year!


Anonymous said...

Carmen. I don't even have to see her; I love her already--THAT LI'L GRACIE, but I WANNA SEE HER, I WANNA SEE HER! Also, I too have had SO MANY "God coming through right on time" stuff happen to me this year. HE IS AWESOME!

Carol said...

Merry Christmas, Carmen! Hope you and the Gracie girl have a blessed one.



Jen said...

Carmen! Hope you had a merry Christmas!

KrissyK said...

Congrats Carmen!

Grace is a darling lil' Santa Baby! How Sweet!

Thanks for posting ShortyCakes Cookies . . . Bovvy was trying to tell me how they looked!

Merry Christmas Friends!