Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hey- Thanks for praying for my lil Gracie girl. She's much, much better...on her way to 100%. We enjoyed a visiting last night with my brother. They wrestled around & around...Grace was delighted! She loves rough & tumble play nearly as much as she loves tea parties & dressup. :o)

Wow! Travel time is upon us again. We're headed to Missouri to celebrate the season with family & catch up with treasured friends. Speaking of friends, we had a wonderful time this week sharing Christmas with some of our closest friends. Bob, Randy & Auntie Em came over Sunday evening & was worth all the preparation 10X over as we enjoyed fellowship, food & fun. It was quite teary as we expressed our gratitude to each other for walking through/standing together in one of the most difficult years. God holds us; often through the embrace & support of others. Very nice to be with these God-gift friends! Look at these gorgeous cookies made by Shortycake Cookies: Comfort in a Cookie~for every occasion! Cutie Patooty & scrumptious as well.

Thennnnnn, we celebrated with more God-gift friends Nate , Steph and baby Emily. What fun & what delight to have this family in my circle of friends. I'm thankful...

So, Merry Christmas to each of you as your embrace this Most Wonderful of the Year! Thanks again for your thoughts & prayers...really, thank you! See ya next year~


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Carmen and Grace!
Love, Holly

Anonymous said...

I know it MUST'VE been good with Bob & Randy, but who is this Auntie Em? Could it be Dorothy's Aunt from the Wizard of Oz?