Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Am Free

Wow, the past few days have just flown by. We're almost back in our at home routine after holiday travels. Some work to catch up on but we're getting there.

AWESOME time at church yesterday. What a way to begin this new year & just what my heart needed. Time to shake off the dust of 2006 and embrace the new things God has for me in 2007.

Seems I've been carrying around a rather heavy weight the past couple of years. Carried it so long, it was just a part of me and I forgot it was even strapped to my back. Obviously, I really didn't forget because nearly daily, I felt the heaviness in my heart, in my spirit. And oops, there it is messing around in my emotions as well. I just wasn't giving credit where credit was due.

In a culmination of spiritual and right here-right now circumstances, I had a choice to make about this weight strapped to my back like a parachute pack. What I thought would save or help me was anything but helpful.

Let's just go with this parachute analogy. So this week, I've been preparing to pull the chord - to finally execute the plan, navigating a difficult life situation. It's a route that many have taken and in most cases it's the appropriate course of action. I acquired the chute legally & it was mine to use when I needed. Except this little bitty piece...God told me no. Well, He didn't say "no"...He lovingly said "It is not what is best."

So that was about 2 years ago, maybe a bit more. Though I didn't activate the parachute, I held on it just in case despite what God clearly told me.
A very difficult year followed that conversation. Reality of situations set in and it was time to ready my safety device. So here we are a year later & I'm ready to jump - anytime this week for real. Funny, I was hard pressed really early early Sunday morning to make clear my plan & intentions, but I just didn't have the mind at 3 AM to clearly articulate or understand all the ramifications. Better talk about it after a good nights rest. So glad I waited...God had a word to say about it.

He reminded me that He is well able to keep that which I committed to Him. He is big enough to hold the heaviest heart; loving enough to fill the deepest cavern. He asked me yet again to trust Him; to release this false sense of security & my own pursuit of justice. He is my provider, defender, judge, healer, keeper of my heart and my source.

This is what He said; clear as day: "It is impossible to please me without taking a risk to do what I told you to do." Thanks Pastor Jerry. I love it when you preach.

Trusting God isn't always easy, but it is the right thing to do. He has my best interest at heart. So, I unstrapped that thing & threw it up to heaven; releasing this burden I've carried. Now I'm free to run. I'm free to dance. I'm free to live for you. I am free. I am free. This song burns in me yet again~

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