Monday, November 06, 2006

Some of my favorites


Steph & Nate said...

Very cool!!!

Carol Connell said...

Hi Carmen,

My husband was walking past as I was watching your little slide show, and he thought Gracie was Natalie. That is really a neat slide show. Man, some people know how to do all the cool things on their blogs!

Ms. Daoust said...


Jen said...

How cute!!! Nice slide show...I really need to meet you guys in person one day...Gracie would love me...LOL!

Kristin said...

Adorable Slide Show!

It made me stay up past my bedtime! Thanks for sharing all the memories! And again, yes, the resemblence between our girls is amazin!


Anonymous said...


All right, I admit, I didn't get to read your entire blog entry, but I enjoyed those pictures. I have got to see Grace (or do I say Gracie?) one day. She's a cutie pie! (And I was reminded again of your smiling face--in spite of it all.)

Thanks for your responses on my blog site. I still have not figured out why the comments on my Blog #2 are being added to Blog #1. The comments on my 3rd blog entry seem to be going to the right place. GO FIGURE.

ANYWAY, I wish you & yours (aka Grace) a Happy Thanksgiving!

- Tom

P.S. You've become a WIZ at blogging, I can tell!