Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back home again~

Well, we're back from a great visit down home for the holiday. We thoroughly enjoyed family & friends, reliving old memories & making new ones. Gracie enjoyed lots of play with cousins & her papas, riding horses AND taking a tractor ride to get some hay. :o) Needless to say, I kicked some Rumicub behind this weekend! Whoo hooo~

The 1st annual Cookie Swap with the college roommates & their kids was a great SUCCESS! It feels so good to be in that loving circle & supercool to see our kids developing friendships among themselves. Gracie is the baby of the group so she is coddled, cuddled & carried around almost more than she can handle. :o) Pics to come soon~ Right, Val?? Soon????

Good to be back home for now. We are busy, BUSY with our annual Christmas Production. Grace & I are both in the program. Working diligently on "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" - I could sing it in my sleep. I problably am singing it in my sleep. That's a good thing. We're doing the Point of Grace version with very tight harmony. We recently had our 1st rehearsal in the living/singing Christmas tree tonight - what a hoot! :o) It's 21ft high- wheee~ This pic is from another church - ours isn't quite this big. Dress rehearsals begin this weekend & it's nearly nonstop until performances Dec 8-10. Looks like the production is sold out according to the website. WOW!


Carol said...

My, that is one FAT Christmas tree! Glad you had a good visit back home. Did you make German sugar cookies for your cookie swap?

Christmas Carol

shirley Buxton said...

We're going to a "singing Christmas tree" this Friday. Can't wait.

Enjoyed reading on your blog today.


Shirley Buxton

Anonymous said...

CARMEN!!! Y'all are such busy beavers! Glad you made it back to continue your busy-ness. (UH, don't forget, though, that "prophecy" that was prophesied over you, it seems oh so long ago. YOU KNOW---the one about SLOWING DOWN!!--Bro. Buster--REMEMBER???) (LOL) I thought that tree was at CLC, but I see it was at another church. I wish I could be there to see CLC's production. Maybe if it goes over BIG this year, you'll do it again next, and I'll be able to come. That'd be grand! God bless you & Gracie! Tell my Bobby to SLOW DOWN too (after Christmas of course)--HAW!

Jen said...

Hi Carmen! Hope you're having a good Christmas season so far. I would love to hear you sing...When our whole family is together, we all like singing. Bob is sooo funny when we sing with him. We'll have have to get together sometime. Merry Christmas!!!!

Randy said...

Ok, I was a bit behind on reading this latest post. Looking fwd to seeing you guys in the production this weekend!

KrissyK said...

Wow! I thought that was CLC!

We're coming to see you tomorrow! Thinking you are performing as I type . . . we're jazzed!

We bring our presence!