Friday, March 24, 2006

While she's sleeping....

While she's sleeping...I should be working on my phonetics but instead I'm creating my Blogspot. It's one of my worst habits...delaying those things I dread by doing something else...anything else but... Of course, before I had high speed internet, I would resort to cleaning baseboards or organizing closets. Those things folks do when they don't want to do something they need to or must do. Now, I search eBay for stuff I don't need, check my friends' blogs, translate words/phrases into German, study the easy stuff, laundry, whatever. I'm putting off preparing for my looming phonetics exam. Ugh! I'm nearly hyperventilating as I type the very word "phonetics" - What is the IPA transcription of that word anyway? That's right, I need that special Pepper font to transcribe stuff. Sorry guys, I know you were dying to see the IPA in action.

Well, while I'm here, and it is good to be here...HELLO! I've been reading JenJen's blog for a couple of months. Before that, Singingole's site in Xanga & a bunch of her friends. My friend Randy is a blogger. It's time I get one of my own instead of just reading what everyone else has to say. Gee - one of my pastors even has his own blogspot not to mention the new radio spot! How cool is that? We've come a loooong way baby! Anyway, I've got the most clever friends and can't wait to read what they'll add to my musings! So welcome to my rambling place~

Aside from my dreaded exam this weekend~ Shopping Saturday @ Gurnee Mills with the neighbor friends. Don't you love it when God puts you next to good people and you become friends?? I am thankful. Nate will chase after Grace while Steph and I buy some baby clothes. Steph will get the BABY clothes. The Gracie girl isn't the baby anymore as she tells me now exactly what she wants. "I want candy...I want that one...I want Papa...I want milk...I want Monsters, Inc (the one & only movie she watches...don't boo me - I had to get some homework finished because I didn't do it while she was sleeping). Anyway, I love that she's talking so much now and the I wants are typical for this egocentric phase & just a snippit of her growing lexicon. More on that later...must study. Goodnight for now or Good Morning to you, my European friends~

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Verna Loosli said...

Love the site, and the update on your life Carmen. I would love to see some photos of you and Grace! Verna