Monday, March 27, 2006


Ok - it's over. The exam is over without a minute to spare. In fact, I think I went into overtime with the transcription portion. My professor is Gestapo for sure!

Thank God the Gracie girl went to bed early tonight. Uncle Bob plum wore her out today playing, dancing & carrying on like good uncles do. I love those visits~ Really, I am truly thankful for the love deposits made into her little life. I fully believe good things will grow from positive seeds sown into the hearts of our little ones. We must take care regarding what we plant in their heart garden. We are the caretaker while they're young anyway. What responsibility! That'll preach, eh? Or maybe I've heard it before in a sermon. Things just take on new meaning when you have one of your own. Anyway...thanks, ya'll, for loving on my little treasure - meine kleine schatze.

Gurnee Mills! Whew - that's some serious shopping. As I expected, baby clothes were the main attraction for our spending group. And purple clothes, at that. This little Emily baby of my neighbors, due in June, will be all lavendered up! We brought home 3 purple outfits - all very, very charming. Gracie Nasrin (translation - Rose) will be sporting a lovely Easter dress bedeckt with vintage cabbage roses. I have visons of her 2 year pictures in this dress. Can't wait for the photos & plan to share, but indeed dread the whole appointment "wait your turn & then wait some more" experience JC Penney delivers without fail.

Anyway....Gurnee Mills - keep up, people! We visited Bass Pro shop - my 1st visit. My mom would be proud. In fact, I called the family to share the experience & even sent a pic via T-Mobile of Grace & the big fish. She sure enjoyed the deer & fish. I was dreaming about a boat for someday....someday when I have my house by the lake...someday.

Grace got a new book "Mommy Loves Me" - just in case she forgets. Can't have enough books. Bought some scrapbook stuff. Oh, I've got paper now. Got the stickers. Got vellum sayings & ribbon & adhesive & whatnot! Now if they only carried free time at Archivers, I could do some serious scrappin. Once this XXXX class is over & once I get this special project finished for baby Emily...I'm going to put some cutie pictures on some pretty paper. :o) Let's go, P. Chris~

So, the shopping trip was good & the company kept was even better. We got our tank full at CLC on Sunday & here comes Monday. Ok, folks - G'night to you~ Until next time, tschuss!


BlogContino said...

Glad to hear my antics did their work. Unfortunately, they had the same effect on me. Being almost 40 is hard! Can I get an amen?

Thanks for lunch yesterday (and probably dinner tonight). Hope the test Nazi accepts your translation.

Gotta go. Monday. 'Nough said.

Anonymous said...

When we set up the date, we'll have a great time with the scrapbooking...a new passion of mine. Gracie's pictures will be adorable! luv ya... cm