Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hold On

Ever hear a song that just moves you? Not just the kind that makes you smile inside & think "Oh, that's a nice one". Sometimes songs come along that feel like they are physically touching me. The kind that make me want to pray or cry or do something. Perhaps it has to do with being a worshipper. The element of music, though not necessary to worship, is often the vehicle that ushers us into the presence of the King. We have audience with Him in our praise. In our abandonment & ardent adoration, He meets us right where we are.

I was washing dishes yesterday, listening to Nicole Nordeman's Brave CD - as I've done dozens of times (put her on your must listen list). She is a worshipper as well, singing the heart of God. Not in a high & lofty manner, but in the "day in/day out reality of where we live" kind of way. Her song, HOLD ON, was playing & something inside me connected with those words. Love will find me regardless...You can put anything after that regardless. Fill in the blank. He will find you. Love will find you. Regardless of my strength to look for Him or reach for Him or move to where He is. He will find me. Love will find you.

HOLD ON by Nicole Nordeman 2005
It will find you at the bottom of a bottle
It will find you at the needle's end
It will find you when you beg and steal and borrow
It will follow you into a stranger's bed
It find you when they serve you with the papers
It will find you when the locks are changed again
It will find you when you've called in all your favors
It will meet you at the bridge's highest edge
So baby don't look down, it's a long way
The sun will come around to a new day
So hold on
love will find you
Hold on
He's right behind you now
Just turn around
And love will find you
It will find you when the doctor's head is shaking
It will find you in a boardroom, mostly dead
It will crawl into the foxhole where you're praying
It will curl up in your halfway empty bed
So baby don't believe that's it over
Maybe you can't see 'round the corner...
To hang between two thieves in the darkness
Love must believe that you're worth it
You're worth it
Hold on
love will find you
Hold on
He's right behind you now
Just turn around
And love will find you

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BlogContino said...


I totally agree. "Hold On" popped early on for me. This CD released when Annie was going through pre/post mortem and I 'held on' to the message of that song for her.