Friday, December 02, 2011

Absolute Love

Tonight as we got you in your jammies, you asked me if I was absolutely 978, 763, 679 bazillion percent sure that I love you. ABSOLUTELY! I wonder sometimes how you can doubt it or maybe you just like throwing around those BIG numbers. =) Even if you ask me 978, 763, 679 bazillion times, I will always say yes. The answer is always yes.

Here it is a few hours later and you are sweetly sleeping after some really cozy snuggles, hugs, and kisses. I love the smell of your hair and how ticklish you are on your neck, sweet girl. You are my sunshine and so much more.

I love your giggles and your sense of humor - your use of humor. Oh, how you try to make me laugh in every situation (they are not all laughing matters, but you don't need to know that right now).  I love how you are so helpful to others, in little things and big things. You are so quick to offer up your piggy bank for every need noticed or perceived (like when I wanted to go to Uncle Tommy's funeral - oh, my heart hurts) or how you wrote those sweet notes to Abbi & Grandma Contino. You think of others and that's just how God wants us to be. God reminds me through you that He is a creative, loving, gracious, and generous God. You are surely precious in His sight because He loves you even more than I do and that's quite alot of love.

I know you can't stop growing. Like you say, "God made me to grow, Mama." I wish time would just move a bit more slowly so I can soak in these sweet moments. I love you, Gracie Cakes. I found this little heartfelt saying a bit ago. It really captures what my heart is singing tonight. Here's to you - from my heart to yours~

To My Sweet Daughter:

Your wee little life has changed me. The day you were born was a new beginning for me, too; a change that will forever lay soft on my heart. Everything in my life is sweeter because of you.  The days and fleeting moments with you are only a breath in time.  They linger briefly and fly away on the wings of tomorrow. You are precious in every way; the sunshine of my day. You are the joy in my soul and the love of my life.
Love you forever and more,

by Patsy Gaut - though the love you forever and more part is all mine =)


Girly Muse said...

I love this! Wish I could meet your Sunshine. She sounds like a bit of heaven on earth.

Our family said...

Aww...that made me cry!! So sweet!