Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day

We headed home for the long weekend to be with family.  We also caught some time to visit with a dear friend, Val, on the way back to Chi-town. Always good to visit friends who love like family, or fremly, as some say. Aunt Helen was tearing down a house. We helped out, mostly by keeping out of the way. Auntie Val was moving the office. We helped out, mostly by keeping out of the way. =)  Just kidding, we did help really. Thinking it was actually Labor Day weekend, instead of Memorial Day. 

The weekend was hot, full of work, beds were sparse & the air wasn't working. Ah, but I'm not complaining. The kids played, explored, rode horses, climbed on tractors, swam, played with puppies/kitties, and visited Grandma's grave to say, "We love you." It was a bit emotional.  Gracie laid down on Nana's grave, cried, & prayed. I love her tenderness. We bought flowers to put at her headstone, but Gracie willed hers to Haddon to place.  She said it hurt her heart to go back so soon. Sigh~ I know. 


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