Friday, November 14, 2008

Traditions of JoyFULL Giving

A tradition I treasure from my childhood was mom's cookie & candy trays delivered to friends & neighbors for the holidays. Mom was known for sharing her tasty treats & yummy talents with others. Teachers & school administrators, pastors & sunday school teachers, folks at her favorite mom & pop store...they all got a tray overflowing with fudge, divinity, cookies & other scrumptious goodies. What a way to say a warm heartfelt thank you & Merry Christmas! Thus, I come honestly by this baking & taking-to-others joy.
The past couple of years, I've tried my hand at Christmas candies & cookies to share. Trying out mom's tried & true recipes while experimenting with new ones. My angel or sponge candy looked so yummy & tasted pretty good - after the 3rd batch, that is. Mom never would have made chocolate covered orange peelings, but something that tastes so good can't be THAT hard to make. Peanut brittle - what a treat & a science lesson to boot! When they say pour immediately into the pan - they mean IMMEDIATELY!
There is great delight in giving. What better gift than something heart & homemade with love.
I'm looking forward to this season of sharing again this year. Gracie is my kitchen cutie helper & is quite generous with the sprinkles, chips & whatever add-ins there may be. She's catching on to the joy in giving & that makes my heart smile really big.

If making gifts for others is right up your alley, check out the happenings over at Parent Bloggers & Klutz.
AND can I say at this point how stinkin excited I am about our upcoming cookie exchange with the roomies?? Whoo hooo! I might just make some dark chocolate covered sponge candy & peanut brittle for the grand event. YUM!


Anonymous said...

Hi Grace. I'm writing from the Galison/Mudpuppy blog, THE GALIWAG, because we would like to send you two boxes of the Vintage Angel Christmas cards you liked. You were a winner at our holiday card contest! Please come check our blog soon, because we need your mailing address.

Nice to see your blog!


Christine said...

Hi ya! I'm up late surfin' the ol' net. I was over at Pastor McQuay's blog and followed a link to yours. At first I wasn't sure, but yes, it's true. You are who I thought you were. I used to attend CLC way back in the day & worked at the day care! I just wanted to say I love the blog, you make the reader feel at home, like a friend. What a sweet little girl you have. Just thought I'd say hi. Do you still go to CLC?

cltgrace said...

Christine~ Thanks for your big hello! Welcome to the Days of Grace~ It's been ages, huh? Yes, I still go to CLC. Thanks again for peeking in on us~

Randy Beal said...

I think I put on weight just reading this. I can't wait for the holidays. Hey are you in town Friday after Thanksgiving?

Carol Connell said...

Hi Carmen,

I love baking for the holidays and am gearing up for it. I learned how to make peanut brittle earlier this year from a pastor's wife who has been doing it for over 25 years. You're right about the pouring immediately. You've got to move fast! I'm looking forward to making Russian teacakes, stained glass windows, peanut blossoms, thumbprint cookies and lots of other good stuff. Lord, help me not to gain back all the weight I've lost. LOL