Friday, November 21, 2008

Barker Baby

Though I can't remember exactly when I fell in love, but I think my first crush ever was Bob Barker. As far back as I can remember, I watched the Price is Right with great delight! Loved the showcase showdown. I can hear that Johnny saying "Come on down!"
I liked pricing games like the Cliffhanger, Bulls Eye & the Clock game. I kid you not, sometimes I watched those showcases with a calculator in hand. Those were the days...when I had time to watch TV & nothing better to do.

Apparently, I'm not the only one loving on TPIR. Versions of the popular game show are shown shown round the world from here to there - Chile to Morocco to Thailand, Turkey & Pakistan plus dozens other places you might visit on a missions trip. Who knew?!
There were many game shows I enjoyed growing up, but none held my affinity like the Price is Right, nor my affection like Bob Barker. But let's talk about the others anyway....$100,000 Pyramid & what was that game show with all the squares?? I vuagely remember an episode of Pyramid with another crush, Donny Osmond. What else....does the Gong Show count as a game show? Probably not & I'm not really proud that I watched that silly show anyway, but I was a kid. OOOh, Let's Make a Deal & Name That Tune! Richard Dawson in the Family Fued. Now it's all coming back to me.
So, what games did you watch as a kid or watch these days? Do tell!

Speaking of gaming in the comfort of your own home...check out Oliebollen. Those fun folks are hosting an armchair Holiday Shopping Sweep!

This out of nowhere post was inspired by the folks at Parent Bloggers with fun at heart & teeny tiny wishes to maybe win something cool. Plus, I just can't sleep.


Randy Beal said...

Boy Carmen all I got from this pot is that you're old! JK I do remember these shows, maybe not all of them live like you. See you in a few hours.

cltgrace said...

Bob's Your Uncle would never make such a comment. And to think I was going to bring you a frozen pumpkin roll this morning, but I think I'm going to get hungry later on tonight myself. Hmmmmpp! Don't make me moderate my comments~ :o)

Lela said...

Oh yeah - how could I forget the Gong Show!!! And you know what else - let's hear it for Hollywood Squares. (Okay, I was REALLY little when I watched that!) When I burn stuff we're supposed to eat, my son says it's not burnt - just well-cooked. Therefore, we're not old, just well experienced!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I love the audio clip on your bio. What a beautiful song.