Thursday, February 07, 2008

The more we get together...the happier we'll be~

I'm a bit behind in posting holiday pics & stuff. Here's a nice start with the 2007 Roomie Cookie Swap!
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Speaking of getting together, I'm heading to Gracie's preschool today as a guest to demonstrate using our voice as an instrument. So we'll sing a bit and then we'll sing with signs. "The More We Get Together" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" are on the list to sing/sign. This should be fun!

Despite the snow, we've had a great week thus far including some snow play. We also got together with old old friend, Deb & her family. Deb has 3 kids & Gracie loves them ALL! Talk about a happy day. Dressing up, Barbie play, dressing up, running around and more dressing up. Annie has a couple cheerleader outfits, which are a diversion from the princess theme. The girl is flexible, adapting quite well to cheering with pom poms in heels. Bummer, Annie has only one pair of heels. We are going shopping before we go back to Annie's. The tears! The tears at sharing that one pair of pumps. We'll take shoes next time. AND a sleepover is in the works. Annie is confident she'll want to stay for days....HA! We'll see.

While mom was at an adult function (congratulations Kim & Joe!), Grace visited Fair Oaks Farm in Indiana with NSE. This is a working dairy farm that has a ton of cool stuff for kids. Grace watched a calf being born! What a story!
Plus, they brought back some tasty ice cream for moi! Can't wait to go there myself in the Spring. These images are from the Fair Oaks Farm website.

Happy snowy day, AGAIN!!

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