Monday, May 21, 2007

As told by my pastor, Jerry McQuay, on Sunday May 20 2007:

A new name for me~~

No, I'm not taking on a new name because of my son's wedding. But this morning one of our CLCers, Boris Satey, delivered some food from his restaurant to our house for the wedding party and family guests. He came back to me a few minutes later with his daughter Abigail in tow - she's only 3 years old - to say that she had something to tell me. Of course, like all kids, she instead got very quiet, so Boris prompted her, "Do you know who this is?". When she nodded yes, he said "What do you call him?" She smiled sweetly and said "God"!

After I got over the initial shock, Boris explained that when she was smaller and they were at church together, they would caution Abigail to be quiet, since they were at "God's house" and evidently she decided since I was the guy up front, I must be Him!

My biggest laugh came a little later when he told me that recently they were at the Shorewood campus for service (where they now attend) and she leaned over and said, "Dad, I want to go back to the other church." When he asked which church she meant, she said, "The one where God is".

Out of the mouth of babes! I totally agree with Abigal - don't you? I always want to go to the church where God is!

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