Friday, May 25, 2007

7 Random Facts & A to Z tag

I've been tagged AGAIN. I'll take Bumblypick up on this one. Thanks for the invite, Christy. My apologies to others who've tagged & I was too pooped to play. :o) AND see below for the A to Z meme game...

The rules are: People who are tagged start by thinking about 7 random facts/habits about themselves. Each player then must write about those seven things on their blog, as well as include these rules. Players then need to choose 7 people to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave each person a comment telling them they’ve been tagged.

I choose: sininole, buhle73, leanonfaith, Gr8Grace, Worldofrandomness, HimmelFeuer & Hope4TheNations.

So the little known facts:

1. With a passion for the harvest, I have served with missions teams in 11 nations around the globe including China, Senegal, Turkey, Guatemala, Bulgaria, the UK, Puerto Rico/Bahamas and then some. Those were my BG days...before Grace. :o) Ya'll know what I mean! My mission field is a bit closer to home these days, but I believe I'm cultivating a heart for the harvest in my little Grace. Most recently, I've been sowing into our newest church campus, CLC South Bend, as part of the worship team. What a privilege to serve~

forktruck 2. While working on my undergraduate degree, I was a licensed forklift operator. Now, it didn't take long for the folks at this 10,000+ acre warehouse & distribution center fo find something more suitable for me to do rather than drive a fork truck around taking out this & denting that. Actually, the damage was when I tried to drive the stand up fork truck:

"Wes, your truck is blocking the aisle. Will you move your truck please?"

"Move it yourself, girlie"

"Ok, how does this thing work?" Wes gives a few basic instructions..."This is easy & a bit fun.....Ok, how do I stop...HOW DO I STOP?!!"

"Well, running into the racks is one way to do it"

Hee, hee....well, not so funny then.

3. At 19, I was on record as the youngest person employed as an official staff member in the history of SouthEast Missouri State University. Part of the work study program, I worked for the University Police department, assistant to the Transportation Coordinator. When my boss resigned, I got the job..meaning I coordinated all the official travel for the University, managing a fleet of cars, vans, buses & coaches for faculty, sports teams, etc.

President_Reagan_1981 4. While serving as the Transportation Coordinator, I was assigned to the Transportation Unit of the SECRET SERVICE to assist and facilitate transportation during President RONALD REAGAN's visit to SEMO Sept 1988. I belonged to the Secret Service logistical team for two weeks prior to the Presidential visit. Of course, the highlight was seeing/hearing this great President in person. However, the letter that came from the White House personally thanking me for my assistant was also pretty sweet as the youngest staff member in the history of the University. :o)

5. Between my job as a developmental therapist working with infants & toddlers with special needs AND my priviledge as MOM to 3 yr old Grace....rarely a day goes by that I don't make animal sounds...with a quack, quack here & a quack, quack there~duck

6. I love the orange-chocolate combination...from a kid, I'd add orange juice to my chocolate ice cream, making a tasty shake. How orange chocolate wonderful find as a grown up there are lots of choc-orange indulgences. :o) My favorite...Swenson's Swiss Orange Chip Ice Cream. Sadly, the last time I ever enjoyed this tastry treat was in San Fransico trapsing up Nob/Russian Hill. Now, that was a refreshing pit stop. :o)

7. Aside from the Six Flags/Cedar Point cheesy recording studio stuff, I am recorded on 4 CD productions including 2 live performances (plus a ton of studio work) with our worship team from CLC. I recorded with the IBC chorale/choir in Indianopolis. AND finally, while living in Germany I did some vocals for a German recording artist as well as co-wrote 2 songs for his newest production.

AND then of course, Carol tagged me with an entirely different game:

A to Z

“A to Z Meme”

A. Available or Single? Available

B- Best Friend. Grace...she says so

C- Cake or Pie. Chocolate Zuccotto from Maggiano's

D- Drink of Choice. Water w/lemon or diet Dr. Pepper

E- Essential Item. Music

F- Favorite Color. Green

G- Gummi Bears or Worms. Bears

H- Hometown. Dexter, MO

I- Indulgence. Chocolate dipped fruit or that Zuccutto cake

J- January or other: I love July...give me fireworks and parades!

K- Kids: 1 sweetie Gracie girl; kisses or hugs....oh, I like kisses but hugs are a nice complement

L- Life is incomplete without… relationships with God, family & friends

M-My birthday...September 22; Master's degreee...yes, starting another in the fall; Monopoly piece...shoe or the hat

N- Number of Siblings? 2

O- Oranges or other? Watermelon, nectarines and peaches

P- Phobias/Fears. I'm overcoming a fear of dogs...Gracie is praying for/ thanking God for a doggie & I know that means I'm getting one sooner or later~

Q- Favorite Quote: My grace is sufficient for you~

R- Reasons to smile: Grace

S- Season(ing). Season: summer seasoning: fresh herbs cut from my garden, but I'm trying a new grill seasoning this weekend.

T- Tag Three. Jen, Randy, Tom and Tracy - I know that's four, but just in case one doesn't want to play.

U- Unknown Fact About Me: In addition to singing background vocals on a German record/CD...I also co-wrote two songs for the same project; I used to be a licensed forklift operator...wait you know that if you read above. What else: I have an extra bone in my knee & my 6th grade teacher believed I had perfect pitch.

V- Vegetarian or Meat eater...Meat eater for sure, but I love my veggies as well; vacation spot...anywhere there's a beach

W- Worst Habit. Tardiness

X- X-ray or Ultrasounds. Ultrasounds-super cool to see Gracie grow & develop via ultrasounds. The German give one each visit so I really saw from month to month, then week to week as she grew in my womb; xylophone or other instrument...french horn.

Y- Your Favorite Foods: Chocolate, most Italian and cheese

Z- Zebra or other favorite animal: well....I do enjoy watching the penquins at the zoo


Carol said...

Well done, Carmen! Thanks for participating in this little game. Hope you have a blessed weekend.


Bahama Jan said...

Your mission experience sounds really meaningful - I've always wanted to go on one but I participate in a church that doesn't organize them. After reading your blog, I'm thinking I should seek one out...Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your future adventures ;)