Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Four Agreements

Grace, you have finished another year. You are a 6th grader now. Congratulations! You finished well and worked hard this year. You loved your teacher, Mrs. Grage, and she loved you.  As I sat in the PTO Volunteer luncheon chatting with several teachers, it is clear that you are known for being kind and fun.  Mrs. Juarez mentioned again how you moved her with your kindness and empathy when her father died last year. Mrs. Chambers said you were her girl and she would like to just take you home; keep you close.
Oasis Family Love

Of course, they will miss you and claimed to be jealous that you are likely moving across the ocean. What an experience! You really touched my heart one morning last week when you were praying in the car. "Thank you, Lord, for this awesome experience of living in another country. I know that only a few kids get to do this amazing thing and I'm so thankful for the adventure. Help me to make the most of it and learn and share and help me love like You love. Help us when we miss our friends and family and help them, too, when they miss us."  Your gratitude is showing, even while we are waiting.  You know delays do not mean no, just waiting for the right time.  We have no idea what He is preparing for us, but we know that He has our best interest at heart.

Lakeside celebration!
Grace, I am just so thankful for you. I'm so thankful for the gift you are. God has really blessed me with such a lovely, kind, and creative daughter. You are growing up and while I want to make it all slowwwww down, I can't wait to see what is unfolding in your life.

So, here is a bit of wisdom I read today.  It's good for me and it will be good for you. Rules to live by. I know, lots of rules - let's say principles or guidelines for good living; guidelines that will make a quality life and reflect God's character.  I am going to start taking more about these principles so that we are living them, not just hearing them or reading them. Let's make them part of who we are. 

Be impeccable with your word.  Don't take anything personally (this one is hard for me).  Don't make assumptions.  Always do your best.

We have some learning, growing, and shaping to do.  XOXO to you, sweet girl. I hope you are having sweet dreams.

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