Monday, February 20, 2012

Tooth Fairy Fail

From the Facebook chronicles: 
Major mom fail. The tooth fairy FORGOT to visit last night! What to do now??
 ·  · February 1 at 6:33am

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    • Donna I acted like it fell under the bed.
      February 1 at 6:34am ·  ·  1

    • Lora  pull out your acting skills, go back in and "look around" suddenly "finding" the tooth fairy money...:)
      February 1 at 6:35am · 

    • Carmen  the tooth is still THERE! She didn't put it under her pillow & she put a price tag of $99 on it. I'm working those angles at present. Not sure if it's going to work.
      February 1 at 6:38am ·  ·  3

    • Lora  hmm, good idea she had!! lol Good luck, I think you've got your hands full! lol
      February 1 at 6:39am ·  ·  1

    • Carmen teeth are more valuable in Missouri. She was at her aunt Valerie's house & the tooth fairy left a small fortune. =/
      February 1 at 6:41am ·  ·  1

    • Donna  Maybe say the tf didn't have $99, She can't spend that much for all the teeth she buys everyday, she should try again tonight and see if the tooth fairy comes and pays a fair price.
      February 1 at 6:42am ·  ·  4

    • Leah  Sometimes the tooth-fairy Is late because the surprise is big. Then I sneak a balloon in her room and tie it to the bed post .. Lol
      February 1 at 6:46am · 

    • Donna  Tooth fairy forgot to visit my house about a week ago too... "She was sick *cough cough* but came the next night! :)"
      February 1 at 6:47am · 

    • Lori we have that problem with our tooth fairy too...sometimes it's the weather or if anything unusual is done with the tooth ($99 price tag would be PERFECT!) haha
      February 1 at 7:13am ·  ·  1

    • Deanna  I've done it, just use your acting skills. Luckily for me it was a day he was home sick and I was able to sneak back in there take the tooth and leave the money and when he found it I said that maybe it was SO far under his pillow she couldn't get to it. But use the angle of the tooth not being in there.
      February 1 at 7:27am ·  ·  1

    • Dee  How about a negotiation with the tooth fairy. Times are hard even on fictional characters lol can't be payin a dollar for EVERY tooth lol
      February 1 at 8:17am ·  ·  1

    • Valerie  Oh my. I'm pretty sure a $99 price tag would've scared even the Missouri fairy off. Tell her fairies just don't carry that kind of $ around with them.
      February 1 at 8:19am ·  ·  3

    • Melanie  Oh, I'm laughing! That Grace! :D
      February 1 at 8:48am · 

    • Mary  Buy her a car
      February 1 at 1:36pm · 

    • Kathy  heard all about it this morning...just as she was whipping up on me playing UNO
      February 1 at 2:42pm · 

    • Cindy  I have much experience in this area...just tell her the tooth fairy must have had too get many places to get to last night...she isn't Santa clause and can get around in one night...
      February 1 at 3:02pm ·  ·  1

    • Lisa  Tell her that the tf lost her Medicaid medical and had been sick and had to pay cash and now couldn't leave as much as she once could under all the pillows for all the kids. (I know u won't lie to your daughter, right???) heheee.... O's fault of course!! ♥
      February 1 at 3:29pm ·  ·  1

    • Trish  Double or nothing Mommy :)
      February 1 at 4:46pm · 

    • Kimberly One time the tooth fairy forgot at our house, so the tooth fairy sent a sparkly letter saying how sorry she was for not getting to our house and she left sparkly dollar bills in the letter. Totally made the day, mail and money with sparkles!
      February 1 at 6:33pm ·  ·  1

    • Kimberly  Lauren still has the sparly
      February 1 at 6:34pm ·  ·  1

    • Kimberly Sparkly dollars
      February 1 at 6:34pm ·  ·  1

    • Carmen the time we left for school, Grace decided that the tooth fairy probably did not like the price tag as it was greedy. Furthermore, she (in her own thinking) was guessing that since she fell asleep with the Wizard of Oz playing, the fairy may have been frightened or simply at odds wtih the wicked witch of the West - or at least the cackle was enough to spook even a fairy. We would try again at night with the tooth in the fancy bag & UNDER her pillow as opposed to ON the table with the price tag. Mom caught a break & was able to run home unaccompanied - leaving a quick note of apology - thanks to Cindy  & her overload of tooth recalls. Plus, the tooth fairy added that Grace now wakes up BEFORE the sun AND there was some confusion due to the last pickup in Missouri at Valerie's house. "You're a girl who likes to travel & that's just my style," according to the TF. She also applauded Gracie's faith & continued belief even though her heart was likely disappointed and broken. It didn't hurt that a sizeable amount was left for Gracie's spending pleasure thanks to Trish. She left lots of fairy dust in her wake under the pillow & on the window sill which added to the joy. What a day!! I'm glad it ended well. Gracie has prepared a journal article and gathered the fairy dust with the letter as proof to her classmates that the TF does indeed exist. Thanks for your sympathies, suggestions & added chuckles to another Grace FULL Day.
      February 1 at 9:42pm ·  ·  1

    • Cindy Perfect...creativity under pressure. One time I pretend to see the tooth fairy flying by the window while we we're eating breakfast and slipped my older child a couple bucks to make the swap....worked like a charm
      February 1 at 10:15pm ·  ·  1

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