Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Gracie recently wrapped up a 7 week summer enrichment program drama camp with the local high school performing CATS, the Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Talk about hard work...play, work, and learn. What's not to love? Five days a week; four to seven hours a day of singing, dancing, makeup, acting, and just hanging with the big kids was pure joy for the Gracie girl.   Two weeks into the program, Gracie asked me to go ahead and take money out of the bank to pay for next year's camp. She's THAT into it. =)

At the end of the first week, I peeked in for a few minutes.  "Now, don't be afraid, mom. When the show starts, they will pull the house lights down and it will get dark.  The house lights are the lights where the audience sits." That's right, they learned even theater lingo and technical terms.  In fact, the children were involved in every aspect of the production from makeup, choreography, set design, vocals, lighting, costumes...the whole nine yards. What an experience! In fact, upon leaving the set for the last time, Gracie thanked Mr Thorsky, program director, for the "glorious" experience. 

Preview Gala
As a mother, I finally felt the thrill and pride my mom must have experienced as she watched her kids involved in something worthwhile and fun.  Mom was usually involved in whatever we were doing; volunteering in some way - scouts, cheerleading, etc. She was so proud and supportive of our efforts.  I know what she was feeling; now I understand her joy. 

I just can't say enough good about the summer enrichment program and the drama camp. It made me want to invest my time and energy beyond multiple trips to the theater. I wanted to dive in head first and support the kids.  I recently saw this somewhere and it fit the situation:  Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. =) So, I earnestly helped with tickets and organized the cast party to show my appreciation for the efforts of the children and those involved in making the camp a success. Can't wait til next year.  Annie, here we come! 
Grace & the cast of CATS
Heavyside Layer
Bustopher Jones. Gracie loved hanging out on the car.
Fifi and Old Deuteronomy
Fifi and the Great Rumpus Cat

Munkustrap and Fifi
Skimbleshanks, Fifi, and Rum Tum Tugger

Gus, the theatre cat, Skimbleshanks, Fifi, and Rum Tum Tugger
Jennyanydots and the lady bug bunch

Fifi with the triumphant Siamese Kittens bringing Growltiger to justice! 
Ballet teacher, Ms. Teresa, came out to support her dancer girls in CATS!

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