Thursday, April 07, 2011

I'm so far behind I think I'm ahead...

Geez, Louise! I haven't posted since February & that was a post from last year!  Needless to say, life has been a-changing since I last visited blogspot....not that the days have been any less FULL! Indeed, we have moved to the country, lost two more teeth, survived a computer crash (laptop should be back by Monday), resurrected a desktop 14 months dead, & thoroughly enjoyed another Spring Break at Auntie Val's in the big MO! I'll put up a few pics from her country adventures.

It is true, I am at the library attempting to study (cough, spit, sputter). Actually, my first priority this morning is to finally pull all pertinent data off my laptop hardrive that's conveniently nestled in a smooth, shiny case at my side. THEN, I can take the laptop down to this GREAT place in Manteno for fixing up! So excited! What I'm not excited about is returning to T-Mobile (boo, hiss, & more spitting) to get ANOTHER web stick; hoping my first one isn't the culprit of my crashed computer. I can't go through this again. Sigh~

So not much time to update, but I want to record this loving moment before I forget it. Actually, I don't think I could forget it as it's written on my heart. Several weeks ago, Gracie woke up singing a little song she made up. "Sing it with me, mama." She sang it again & I was supposed to catch on THAT quick, but alas my tongue was tripping over that little praise melody. "I need to hear it a few times & then I'll get it for sure."  Frowning at my request, she jumped up & now standing on the bed, runs her fingertips to the tippy top of her curly mass all the way down to those tasty toes.  "Look," she said, "I've got songs from here (curls) to here (toes) just waiting for words." I suppose she meant that we really didn't have time to dawdle over this one because there are dozens more to be sung. So sweet, I could just eat her up toes & all!

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Mithun said...

Wow.. What a good moments.. Those snaps are heavenly.. Those kids are just sweets. I love to see em here. I had a very bad day today, but reading you post just turned them into good.. Thanks a lot..