Friday, September 17, 2010

Less of Me

Started something new & needful last week. There is less of me today...24 sticks of butter LESS of me. =) Yeah! Gracie thinks there's already more room on the couch for her. hee hee! Actually, she's right. Think about how much room 6 pounds of butter takes up on the couch. Not that we allow butter on the couch. No, we don't.

I must pause to give credit to my friend, Cylinda Shirley Nickel over at Because Life is Like a Bowl of Marbles, for her "sticks 'o butter off my butt" analogy. =) Inspiring, indeed. Well, giggling does indeed add up to activity points. =)

I've got some new shoes...made for walking. Well, they are really made for running, but we are wogging (the walk-jog combo) for now. =) And I've got this great book by John Bingham, Courage to Start. I'm feeling pretty well equipped.

Not only did we buy new shoes for our wogging to running journey to Nashville, but we also invested in a blender. Yes, we are now a smoothie making family. =) Gracie is thrilled. Yes. However, I am under strict orders NOT to sneak celery in her smoothie. "OHhhhhh, that's what those stringy things were. MOM!" So now I know just not to tell her I put sweet potatoes & red pepper in yesterday's blend. Scrumptious with all those raspberries, strawberries & bananas. That's what I call "Deceptively Delicious." To be honest, that's what Jerry Seinfeld's wife calls her cookbook...I love the book, the idea & just plum plagiarized the title. Except that now I've just given her credit, so no plagiarizing going on here. Thanks to Uncle Randy & Auntie Em for the cookbook. =)

So here we go....oh, the we part. I could use some cheerleaders here & not the kind that bring cookies. =) Except I can have cookies. Just have to figure out how many points are in those Shorty Cake kind. =)

Goal for this week: journal every bite

Actually, that was my goal for my 1st week. Journal every bite = SUCCESS! Plus, I totally resisted SODA while down with the family in MO. I survived a family reunion with a 24 stick loss. I even ate the peach cobbler, roasted pork loin, potato salad and some other goodies. I did, however, spit out that bite of cinnamon chocolate roll. Not good; not good at all. =/ JOURNAL EVERY BITE!

Bis spater...


Girly Muse said...

Woohooooo! That's awesome! Good for you!!! 24 sticks of butter, love it! ;) It's hard work, I'm proud of you.

Randy Beal said...

Awesome Carm! What's this SODA you speak of? Is it like POP? Keep on Wogging!